The Basics

What is included in the cost?

How many photos will we receive?

We are worried about looking awkward and don't know how to pose!

Are you inclusive?

How do we get natural looking photos?

What is lifestyle photography?

What types of sessions do you offer?

What if it rains?

When can we expect to receive our photos?

We are ready to book; how do we do it?

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

Monetary Questions

Why does photography cost so much?

Why do we need a deposit and what is it for?

How do we know which session to pick?

Do you have a travel fee?

How do we pay for our session?

Will you work with a budget?

Post Session

How will we receive our images?

What happens if we lose our photos?

Do you give out RAW (unedited) files?

Are black and white doubles included in the packages?

Will you fully retouch our images?


We've never been to Alaska; can you offer any advice?

What parts of Alaska do you provide service for and do you travel?

Do you have a studio or indoor options?

Do we get to choose the location? What if we're unsure?


What if we have someone with limited mobility or a person with a disability in our group?

What can we expect on the day of our session?

How should we dress for our session?


Can we include our fur babies?

How do we get our kiddos to cooperate?

What if we'd like to meet you before the session?

Why do we need to sign a contract and what is it for?

Engagements, Weddings and Elopements

Why should we consider an engagement session?

Why, on earth, does the elopement package cover up to 8 hours?

Why is there a guest limit on your wedding packages?

Do you have an option for a second shooter? What is a second shooter?

Using Zenfolio